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In 2004, Winchline.com, a division of Gourock, was founded by Jón Jónsson to address the need for high quality recovery gear for the off-road enthusiast and the rock crawling competitor. Gourock has been in business since 1736 making ropes, netting and sails for the maritime industry – ropes designed to take a heavy off-shore beating, to include fresh and salt water immersion, constant exposure to heat, cold and UV rays and much more. This same standard for quality has been carried on with the Gourock name for 269 years, and carried on to its new division Winchline.com

Jón's passion for rock crawling and off-roading carried over in the products he developed and released for Winchline.com. Quality was never an issue and Jón’s knowledge was tenfold.

In 2008, Winchline.com and Viking Offroad, owned by Jón’s brother Thor, merged to form one unified company to streamline the manufacturing and delivery of quality automotive equipment. 

After several years, the brothers once again decided to separate the companies to better serve the customers. In 2013, Thor held onto Viking Offroad and Jon, along with his long-time friend and business partner, Mike Parr, took back control of Winchline.com. Together, they decided to take the company back to its roots focusing on the high quality winch lines and recovery gear it had been known for

Winchline.com is back and better than ever! It is the place to go to acquire the best gear in the business! We are constantly striving to bring you the best with new product lines and great service.