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In 2004, Winchline.com, a division of Gourock, was founded by Jón Jónsson to address the need for high quality recovery gear for the off-road enthusiast & the rock crawling competitor. Gourock has been in business since 1736 making ropes, netting & sails for the maritime industry – ropes designed to take a heavy offshore beating, including fresh & salt water immersion, constant exposure to extreme temperatures, UV rays & much more. This same standard for quality has been the Gourock standard for over 200 years, & carried on to its new division Winchline.com.

Jón's passion for rock crawling & off-roading is evident in the products he developed & released for Winchline.com. Quality was never an issue & Jón’s knowledge was tenfold. A search in just about any off-roading forum will result in tons of referrals to Jón, Thór, Mike, Viking Offroad & Winchline.com.

In 2008, Winchline.com & Viking Offroad (owned by Jón’s brother Thór) merged to form one unified company to streamline manufacturing & delivery of quality automotive equipment. 

After several years, the brothers decided to separate the companies again to better serve the customers. So, in 2013, Thór held Viking Offroad & was able to pursue his passion for automotive restoration with THOR MotorworksJón, along with his long-time friend & business partner, Mike Parr, took over Winchline.com. Together, they worked to solidify the company's standing as a proven, reliable outfitter of high quality winch lines & recovery gear. Winchline.com strengthened its roots, focusing on the high quality winch lines & recovery gear that it has always been known for.

And here we stand today! Jón retired some years ago; Mike remains, running the company with his daughter Nikki Parr. When you receive one of our lines, there is a pretty good chance that she is the one that produced it. We joke & have given her the nickname "Splice Girl", but the truth is, everyone conducting our line destruction testing has remarked on her phenomenal splicing. Customers from both Winchline.com & even our vendors have come to recognize not only the splice, but the obvious care put into every line. Nikki takes her work very seriously and understands the importance of attention to the details & our responsibility in safety. Mike continues to research any new developments in the industry & holds close the Winchline way of producing quality, reliable gear.

The Pacific Northwest may be well known for the precipitation & gray skies but Winchline.com is the small, family owned & operated company that embodies the Cascadia Culture. A deep appreciation for the outdoors, adventure as a lifestyle, the importance of community & innovation.

If ever you have a question or a request, Winchline.com encourages you to give a call or send an email. When we work together & communicate, the possibilities in product development & off-road/overland adventure never cease! Thank you for supporting us for all of these years; we hope you look forward to as many more as we do!